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Too, I know the great secret of retail, which is that unless you are naked and painted green, or otherwise REALLY distinctive—I mean, “cross-dressing Ben Franklin with a walker*” kind of distinctive, mere dyed hair and body piercings do not register—the clerks do not see you. They may talk to you, they may smile, they will ring up your purchase, but they do not retain an iota of memory of you as soon as you turn away. They do not care. The only things that are real when you are working retail are your coworkers and the clock. So I do not much worry about wandering around looking like I’ve weathered an explosion in an art supply store. Possibly some day I will pass another threshold that requires I have a certain gravitas in my dealings with the Rest of the World, but god willing, it’s a long way off.


This Mortal Clay…

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What makes them remember you is if you are an asshole to them, they will remember you until the Earth burns in the fires of the sun becoming a red giant, then the red giant cools and dwindles to a white dwarf and even then, they still will not forget you or forgive. But otherwise, they won’t care, because they see many more odd things a day than you. I speak as a former cashier.

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cute evil tolkien ladies



By “people,” I guess Neville thought Ron meant the Dark Lord.

Go big or go home


Artwork by Josh Hankemeier


Artwork by Josh Hankemeier






The worst best part is that this would be perfectly normal for Utena…

this calls for an Akio version of this with him in one of those toy cars outside supermarkets

I stopped my homework for this.


This isn’t any more ridiculous than the canon material, I 100% accept that the above could have happened.


the amount of sass in classic who is too much


the amount of sass in classic who is too much

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So I read your awesome Turgon post and it got me thinkin. Something I see sometimes is people saying that Idril and Turgon have a perfect father-daughter relationship. But I think that while they love each other very much, they're both very stubborn and often fight with each other. I also kind of thought that Turgon has some kinda old-fashioned ideas about women in government and this, combined with his phd in overprotective, makes him nervous about giving Idril lotsa responsibility. Thoughts?


EXACTLY THIS, tbh? If you don’t want to read criticism of Turgon then scroll on - I really love him, but I do think he probably (like many characters in the Silmarillion) had some pretty sexist ideas. But like I still really love my grandparents, even though they sometimes say stuff which makes me go "Please no oh my gosh Gran stop", I can still like characters who are…well, wrong about stuff.

…but if you can’t and have to headcanon them all with modern values to relate to them, that’s also fine, keep going and don’t read.

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I think in the Silmarillion as published, Idril remains the heir of Turgon, not Maeglin, as it explictly says that the only heir of Turgon is Idril shortly before she marries Tuor in the Fall of Gondolin chapter. This was part of why Maeglin wanted to marry her; without that, he couldn’t rule Gondolin. Which helps to open him to betraying Gondolin.


you know, it’s been 23 years and I’m still not over this.

Freddie was dying. He knew he was dying. They all did.  They knew this was their last album together.  They knew this was their last single.   And it’s not a victory…but it sure as fuck isn’t a defeat.

It was cruel and it was pointless and vicious, the disease that was unworthy to take Freddie’s life…but to some extent, as much as he was able, as they were all able…they chose how they went out and ended the journey together.

I mean the song in and of itself is bad enough, but he wrote this, and he sang this knowing this was it.  This was the end.  Hell, when they recorded this track for Innuendo, he was that ill he couldn’t even walk. The other members weren’t even sure he could still sing.  But he went in there and jesus fuck he tore it apart.   (he actually slammed a shot of vodka, said “I’ll fucking do it, darling!” and recorded it in one take)   Shooting a clip for the song was out of the question.  So they did this instead.   A showcase of all they had done together across the past 21 years.  They turned it into a farewell, a celebration, not a dirge.

If you can watch this knowing that without tearing up in the slightest you have no fucking soul whatsoever


- What the Hell is this?!- It’s 21th century, sunshine. World has changed A LOT.


- What the Hell is this?!
- It’s 21th century, sunshine. World has changed A LOT.